Surprising Things Miami Renters Are Looking For

Surprising Things Miami Renters Are Looking For
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If you’re a Miami rental property owner, it pays to know your “customers,” and take steps to meet their expectations, whenever possible. Paying attention to what renters in Miami are looking for can help you attract and retain the most desirable ones. Since there’s definitely an element of marketing involved in attracting tenants, it’s helpful to know strategies that can give you a competitive advantage over the competition. Here are a few things to keep in  mind when looking for ways to attract more tenants:

  • Outdoor space: For the past few years, there’s been an increasing interest in having access to some type of “backyard refuge.” In the era of COVID-19, in which people have been tending to stay closer to home, that trend has become more pronounced. If it’s feasible to provide tenants with private patios, decks, or balconies, that would serve as an added incentive for them to choose your rental property for their next home. Maintaining green space on the premises is another desirable feature for many tenants, both in terms of visual appeal and recreational uses.
  • Safety and security: This concern, which encompasses everything from security lighting to changing locks before every new tenant moves in, is going to be on the mind of every potential renter you talk to. An aspect of that, which has emerged during the COVID pandemic, is the issue of package delivery security. With an increased number of people ordering supplies, gifts, and other products online, package theft has become a growing problem for both renters and homeowners. If you can offer any services or assistance to mitigate those fears, then tenants will appreciate that.
  • Ceiling fans are relatively inexpensive devices that offer multiple benefits, including better air circulation, improved comfort, energy conservation, and visual appeal.
  • Air conditioning: While it’s no secret that Miami summers can get pretty steamy, not all landlords offer tenants an efficient or well maintained central air conditioning unit. In an often competitive rental market, it’s advantageous to equip your rental homes with an efficient and well maintained air conditioning unit. Your tenants will thank you — if not in words, then hopefully in the form of lease renewals, recommendations to friends and family, and on-time rent payments!

Identifying Tenant Priorities

There’s actually a long list of amenities and features that Miami tenants look for in a rental property. That includes everything from parking space and laundry facilities (or hookups) to stainless steel appliances and plenty of storage space. Other desired items renters like are garbage disposals, pet friendly lease provisions, and flexible rental policies. Most tenants also place a high premium on access to high speed Internet, privacy, cleanliness, responsive maintenance service, and rental units that are “move-in ready.” Another convenience that’s become increasing popular in recent years is the ability to pay rent online.

If things like property maintenance, online rent collection, and attracting responsible tenants are making your life complicated, we can help! PMI Miami Dade provides an assortment of professional property management services that will ease the stress of being an income property owner and make your rental business run more smoothly. Call today for a free consultation!